ars contemporaneus alpinus

Traces 01

Ars contemporaneus alpinus (ACA) is a theoretical, critical and experimental research project, on the issue of site-specific practices taking the natural environment as a context. ACA addresses the phenomenon of sculpture parks as they are implemented in rural areas, with a focus upon site-specific approaches and curatorial strategy as an artistic practice. Based on the Valais as a case-study and laboratory, ACA seeks to study this phenomenon, and to provide it with a critical reading. Four well-experienced artists in the field of site-specific art have also been invited to develop projects addressing the context of the Valais.

Director : Benoît Antille
Texts : Benoît Antille, William L. Fox, Jérôme Leuba, Frauke Materlik, Ricardo Rivera, Adam Sutherland, Natsuko Uchino
Languages : french and english
Graphic design : Jérôme Lanon
Format : 20,6 x 16,4
Pages : 95
Edition : ECAV/EDHEA
Publication : 2015
ISBN : 978-2-9700770-0-8
With the support of : HES-SO, Canton of Valais, Loterie Romande
Price : CHF 15.-


The mission of the collection Traces is to make more visible the research carried out at the EDHEA. In an economic format, each issue sheds light on a recent project. Drawing on experiences and freshly acquired knowledge, the collection of publications retraces the intentions, aims and challenges of these adventurous enquiries, and looks at their provisional conclusions, unanswered questions and emerging issues.

In an era of conflicting goals, where preservation (heritage) cohabits with eradication (constant innovation), Traces has chosen the middle ground: to maintain the traces of paths taken whilst offering glimpses into yet unexplored territories.

Traces evokes unique journeys undertaken in the course of a history still in the making.

Editorial manager and concept :  Alain Antille