Un nouveau temps pour la recherche indisciplinaire

A new time for indisciplinary research
For companies and research institutions, the encounter between arts and sciences has become a way to enable so-called “disruptive” forms of innovation. The inclusion, in January 2019, of édhéa into the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts for the canton of Valais happens at the right time and place to develop a common structure where art can enter a dialogue and a partnership with the other fields of research of HES-SO Valais-Wallis.
Contemporary history has been marked by numerous connections between arts and sciences. In recent years, and especially since the boom of ICT, these experiences have become the object of renewed interest from companies and higher-education institutions, which see it as a means to encourage research and development and to support or even trigger innovation.
Bucking the trend of most universities, ArtinLab is a structure of applied research oriented toward basic research, with the artist at its core. Interdisciplinarity, or rather “indisciplinarity”, is a constitutive element of its activities, which are focussed on situational research. The structure also aims to be itinerant and at home both in a researcher’s lab and in a factory.
ArtinLab is designed not only as an incubator of ideas and projects, but also as a disseminator of knowledge where researchers from a variety of artistic and scientific disciplines work alongside local partners (companies, associations), local communities and, of course, students and trainees.

ArtinLab was created on the initiative of Claude-Alexandre Fournier, head of the Health Institute of the School of Health Sciences.

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