Premises and infrastructure

One school, several sites

Main building

Route de la Bonne-Eau 16
3960 Sierre
T +41 27 456 55 11

The main building is home to the administration department, the library, most of the workshops, labs and technical equipment. Most of the teaching also takes place here.


Main building

The library is mainly for use by the School’s students, pupils, teaching staff and researchers and the academic community of Valais, but it can also be used by anyone with an interest in the subjects studied at EDHEA. It has reference and loan collections of specialist books and periodicals in graphic design, contemporary art, photography and history of art. The library’s documentary resources include more than 12,000 books, 1,600 DVDs and 20 magazine titles. Part of the RERO western Switzerland library network, it also offers member-only access to the electronic resources of the universities of applied sciences and arts. Students have the use of the library’s study desks, computer workstations and exhibition space.

Halles Usego

Rue du Stade 17
ch-3960 Sierre

The former Usego market hall, with a surface area of 1 500 m2, provides students with the vast, well-lit spaces they need for experimenting with their work. The School also holds its annual graduate exhibitions here.


Route de l’Ancien Sierre 9
3960 Sierre

Movimax has classrooms, technical equipment and individual workshops for Bachelor’s and Master’s students.


Route de l’Ancien Sierre 13
ch-3960 Sierre

Established in 2018 jointly by the theatre and the School, le CUBE occupies part of the foyer at TLH -Sierre. The programme is run by the director of edhea in line with TLH ’s season of theatrical productions.


Rue du Grand Lac 8
3960 Sierre

This accommodation building on the edge of Lac de Géronde has ten bedrooms which are let to international students as a priority. The communal areas include bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge, a laundry room and a terrace.

A new EDHEA by 2024

In December 2018, the Council of State of Valais announced that a new building was to be constructed for the School. Established in Sierre in 1997, EDHEA aspires to expand into larger premises designed specifically to accommodate the needs of a leading School of Art and Design. The future building will meet exacting sustainable development requirements and plans to lead the way in terms of energy efficiency.
The construction schedule will be drawn up by the Valais Buildings, Monuments and Archaeology Department.