Premises and infrastructure

One school, several sites


Main building
Route de la Bonne-Eau 16
3960 Sierre
T +41 27 456 55 11

The main building hosts the administrative offices, the library, part of the workshops and laboratories and other technical infrastructure. Most of the teaching takes place here.

Route de l’Ancien Sierre 9
3960 Sierre

Movimax hosts several classrooms, other technical infrastructure, as well as personal studio space for each HEA student.

Exhibition spaces

The school organises exhibitions with students and guest artists as part of the visual arts degrees and throughout the year.
The Main Building’s “White Box” allows students to test out installations and small exhibitions.
In the former Halles Usego, 1500 m2-wide, students are free to experiment with wider exhibition spaces.
Since 2018, “Le CUBE” has been installed in the foyer of TLH, Théâtre les Halles de Sierre. It is the fruit of the collaboration between the theatre and the school and its programme is curated by the director of édhéa in function of the theatre season.

The library is located on the ground floor of the main building.