ACT 2020

Festival de performance en ligne

We are happy to anounce ACT v2.0! Due to the current situation ACT 2020 will take place as an online performance festival: ACT v2.0.  Between April 15 and May 15 2020, around 42 performances will be presented via Every evening, one or two performances will be on «stage», usually at 7 and 8 pm. On Sundays at 7 pm, we will host a Chatroulette format, a concept that generates random one-to-one chat situations among a larger group of participants. The upcoming performances will be comunicated and published on Tuesday Evening. We are looking forward seeing you online!


Alessandro Schiattarella. Alexandra-Gabriela Szucs & Ani Kocharyan. Andela Roncevic. Andrea Fortmann. Ani Kocharyan. Anuk Schmelcher. Ariana Emminghaus. Aurora PF. Azad Colemêrg. Betül Bolat & Murat Mevlana Temel. CAP Group. Cécile Baumgartner Vizkelety, Lola Willemin, Colin Barth & Noemi Widmer. Claire Frachebourg (EDHEA). Claudia & Isabelle Barth, Dandara Modesto. Edel. Elisabeth Suter. Elisa Bruder. Elischa Heller. Ellen Bratfisch. Emi Curty. Fabienne Stucki. Fiona Könz & Gregor Vogel. Flurina Casty. Gabriel Kessler. Ivan Röösli. Jeanne Spaeter. Kristina Pavlovic. Livio Beyeler. M.A.R.S. Collective. Margaux Dewarrat (EDHEA). Madeline Marone. Maëlle Torné. marie lucas. Melanie Meystre. Milena Mihajlovic with sound by Jennifer Merlyn Scherler. Mustafa Asan. Noémie et Léa (EDHEA). Rashmi Sathe. Rebecca. Sophie & Klara Germanier. THE ALLSTARSDISTANCEENSEMBLE. Uma Hitte. Yana Slattery.