Blackout Magazine No. 2


The EDHEA is pleased to announce the release of the Blackout Magazine No. 2. The editorial concept of this annual EDHEA publication is outlined by Federica Martini and Christof Nüssli and follows Issue 0, Art Labour, 2017; and Issue 1, Olivetti, Poesia Concreta, 2018.

Under the title T/Here, The Blackout Magazine No. 2 brings together artists, writers and curators to reflect from and through the surviving traces of transient art processes. Investigating around memory gaps and non-linear narratives, the magazine weaves together an archival quilt of curatorial and artistic practices dealing with notions of proximity and distance from events, and their subsequent irruption into the present through documentation.

Co-edited by Federica Martini, Isaline Pfefferlé and Mary Ellyn Johnson, designed by Christof Nüssli, T/Here gathers the contributions of the following artists and researchers: Noor Abu Arafeh, Benoît Antille, Leslie Fernández Barrera, Ursula Biemann, Paul Goodwin, Maria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo, Petra Koehle & Nicolas Vermot-Petit-Outhenin, Deborah Ligorio, Lucia Masu, Amanda Nudelman, Uriel Orlow, Rachel Nisbet, Superstudio, Rosa Tyhurst, Aurélie Strumans and Marie Velardi.

Issue No. 2 of The Blackout Magazine is a collaboration between swissnex swissnex San Francisco and the EDHEA - the Valais School of Art.


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