Premises and infrastructure

One school, several sites

Main building

Route de la Bonne-Eau 16
3960 Sierre
T +41 (0)58 606 95 11

The main building is home to the administration department, most of the classrooms and of the workshops, labs and technical equipment, as well as the library. Most of the teaching also takes place here.

Halles Usego

Rue du Stade 17
ch-3960 Sierre

Major work got underway in summer 2023 at the Halles Usego to accommodate the future EDHEA campus.


Route de l’Ancien Sierre 9
3960 Sierre

Movimax has classrooms, sound, video and photography labs, as well as workshops for Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

A new EDHEA by 2026

Based in Sierre since 1997, the EDHEA aspires to develop its activities in a single location, in larger premises designed specifically to meet the needs of a leading art and design school. In December 2018, the State Council of Valais announced plans for the construction of a new building and, in May 2023, the Grand Council of Valais voted to grant a CHF 46.7 million guarantee to the HES-SO Valais-Wallis for the construction of the campus.
The building will be located in Sierre on the site of the Halles Usego and is intended to be not only a learning facility, but also a space for contemporary culture open to the public. It will satisfy high standards in terms of sustainable development and be exemplary from an energy perspective. The construction schedule will be drawn up by the Valais Department of Buildings, Monuments and Archaeology.