Welcome to the EDHEA Alumni Association!

This is a moment many alumni have been waiting and EDHEA is now proud to announce that we are setting up an official EDHEA Alumni Association.

Our commitment to you continues after you graduate and EDHEA students automatically become members of the EDHEA Alumni Association upon graduation. With this you can connect with a global community of creative people.
As an EDHEA alumni, you can join and participate in the association and benefit from being part of an alumni community in Switzerland and around the world. This gives you exclusive access to a wide range of people and information.

To receive regular updates and discover what's happening in the alumni community, sign up and provide us with your contact details and we will set up your inscription. We will then recontact you with your access code

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Being an active EDHEA alumni will help you to build a powerful network. With many chances to meet people, in person or digitally, this a perfect opportunity to expand your professional connections and meet new people.

Career and project opportunities
Alumni members always know what is happening; artistic projects and career opportunities, networking events or research projects.

Increase the value of your own degree
Alumni engagement is one of the factors used to assess the quality of a school or award. When you join your school’s alumni association, it helps increase that school’s reputation. In turn, this makes your degree even more valuable.

Share your knowledge and experience and help other students
Joining the EDHEA alumni association is the easiest way to give back to your school, share your experience and help a student or fellow alumni is some way.

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Get involved

Join the association
Make sure you register as an alumni and access the new alumni database once we go live. Update your details and start making contact with more alumni.

Participate in alumni business
If you want to have a say in what happens and what direction we take, get involved. Your voice will be heard and you will get to understand how EDHEA is moving forward with the alumni.

Set up a group
This could be people who all share the same passion or with those in the same city. Meetings can be virtual or in person and you can take the lead in this and make it happen.

Find a friend
Once you have registered as an alumni, you can use the directory to search for others who share your interests or former classmates.

Professional help and advice
Are you looking for partners for your project? Are you looking for advice on a career change? Within the alumni network you have access to a wealth of experience and knowledge in many areas and alumni contacts ready and able to provide help. What do you need?

Do you have something to offer
This could range from being a mentor to a student in their final year, working on a project with a fellow alumni, student or maybe you want to post a job offer. The alumni association offers you the platform to find what you need.

Social med, web and news
Don’t forget to let us know what you are doing. What is your latest project or success? Have you just had a local alumni meeting? The alumni website will be posting news, alumni profiles and stories along with access to the alumni member area.

If you have something to offer and want to get involved, contact the alumni office and see how we can get started. The alumni association is for alumni and the more you participate, the greater the benefit for all EDHEA alumni

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