Prizes to graduates

Every year, our partners award one or more prizes to EdHEA graduates.

Fondation BEA pour Jeunes Artistes Prize

Prize of 2 x 2,500 francs awarded to Bachelor and/or Master graduates.

In 2023, the foundation, which was set up by Béatrice Deslarzes and Pierre Schaeffer, honoured Clarence Egger (Bachelor) and Lucy Morvan (Master).

2022: Léa Locher (Bachelor) and Laís Cardoso Da Rosa (Master)
2021: Diana Martin (Bachelor) and Miriro Mwandiambira (Master)
2020: Matilde Soldati (Bachelor) and Emilie Gougain (Bachelor)
2019: Rebecca Michelet (Bachelor) and Mélanie Meystre (Bachelor)
2018: Héloise Pillet (Bachelor) and Lorysmar Franco (Bachelor)
2017: Sophie Mentha (Bachelor) and Isabelle Fritz (Bachelor)
2016: Fanny Aeschlimann (Bachelor) and Noémie Praz (MAPS)
2015: Meret Knobel (Bachelor) and Victoria Wigzell (Bachelor)
2014: Camille Kaiser (Bachelor) and Tracy Lim (MAPS)
2013: Fanny Hostettler (Bachelor) and Reto Müller (Bachelor)
2012: Caroline von Gunten (Bachelor) and Camille Villetard (MAPS)

HES·SO Excellence Prize

Prize of 2 x 2,500 francs awarded to a Bachelor and a Master graduate.

In 2023, this prize was awarded to Aline Fournier (Bachelor) and to Mohamed Al-Bakeri (Master).

2022: Léna Lacrabère (Bachelor) and Pauline Ammann (Master)
2021: Claire Frachebourg (Bachelor) and Margaux Dewarat (Master)
2020: Samuel Georgy (Bachelor) and Caterina Giansiracusa (Master)
2019: Mélissa Rouvinet (Bachelor) and Nyakallo Maleke (Master)
2018: Laurent Perret-Gentil (Bachelor) and Chiara Bertin (MAPS)
2017: Victoria Grin (Bachelor) and Alexandros Kyriakatos, Phumulani Ntuli (MAPS)
2016: Veronica Casellas (Bachelor) and Mahamed Abdelkarim (MAPS)
2015: Ghalas Charara (Bachelor) and Erica Diazoni (MAPS)
2014: Lara Paratte (Bachelor) and Mirella Salame (MAPS)

Ville de Sierre Prize

Prize of 3 x 500 francs awarded to a Bachelor graduate, a Master graduate and a graphic designer.

In 2023, the city of Sierre honoured Léa Breitschmid (Bachelor), Hafiza Valodia (Master) and Alice Gillioz (Federal VET Diploma/Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in graphic design).

2022: Marcia Domenjoz (Bachelor), Constanza Puente-Burgos (Master) and Janine König (Federal VET Diploma/Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in graphic design)
2021: Coline Ladetto (Bachelor), Carolina Opazo (Master) and Alison Léger (Federal VET Diploma/Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in graphic design)
2020: Anne Neuschwander (Bachelor), Andrea Herrera (Master) and Laeticia le Moyne (Federal VET Diploma/Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in graphic design)
2019: Benito Funaro (Bachelor), Ana Maria Rosero Vivas (Master) and Aude Gunzinger (Federal VET Diploma/Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in graphic design)
2018: Yossof Baddri (Bachelor) and Vincent Locatelli (Master) 
2017: Isabelle Hügli (Bachelor) and the collective Chrisantha Chetty, Javier  Gonzalez, Sarah Ibrahim, Lucie Schaeren, David Romero (Master)
2016: Audrey Huguenin (Bachelor) and Erica Pirl (Master)
2015: Esther Pau Hauser (Designer), Bachelor graduates 2015, Sara Mac Laren (Master)
2014: Jean Oberson (Bachelor) and Katerina Samara (Master)

Distillerie Morand

Prize of 2,000 francs awarded from 2020 to a Bachelor or Master graduate.

In 2023, the Distillerie Morand honoured Line Müller (Bachelor).

2022: Rachel Morend (Bachelor)
2021: Romain Iannone (Bachelor)
2020: Sandrine Gutierrez (Bachelor)

Edition Prize

In 2023, two students have been given the opportunity to produce a screen print at EDHEA’s Multiples Editions workshop. The prizewinners are Ma Neveu (Bachelor) and Laure Gonthier (Master).

2022: Emilie Suchet (Bachelor) et Bertrand Emaresi (Master)
2021: Alexandre Ghandour (Bachelor) and Carla Tapparo (Master)
2020: Charlotte Olivieri (Bachelor), Chloé Geissler (Bachelor), Emanuelle Kläfiger (Master) and Dona Cetoute (Master)
2019: Valentin Merle (Bachelor) and Carlos Costa Rubio (Master) 
2018: Andrea Bohne (Bachelor) and Chiara Bertin (Master) 
2017: Margot Laeser (Bachelor) and David Romero (Master) 
2016: Peter Guidolin (Bachelor) and Michael Marca (Master)
2015: Oscar Jobin (Bachelor) and Patricio Gil Flood (Master)
2014: Jean Stalé (Bachelor) and Eduardo Cruces (Master)
2013: Barbara Cardinale (Master)

Fondation BEWE award 2016: Louis Gasser (Master)
CIV award 2016 : Meret Knobel