EDHEA Library

For information about the EDHEA Library, please go to the HES-SO Valais-Wallis libraries’ website.

The EDHEA library offers consultation and loan services for books, magazines and DVDs specialised in graphic design, contemporary art, photography and art history.

The library is part of the SLSP network and its catalogue can be found on the swisscovery platform. It also offers an access to the HES-SO electronic resources.

The library’s loan service is intended primarily for students and HES-SO Valais-Wallis staff but is open to anyone with a swisscovery account.

The library is located on the ground floor of the EDHEA’s main building, route de la Bonne-Eau 16, Sierre.


Register to swisscovery now by following our online registration guide.

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Opening times

From Monday to Thursday: 8.30am-12pm / 12.30pm-4.30pm
Friday: closed


2022-2023 calendar

The library will be closed on the following dates:
Monday 4 July to Tuesday 15 August 2022 (included)
Monday 31 October to Tuesday 1st November 2022 (included)
Thursday 8 December 2022
Monday 26 December 2022 to Friday 6 January 2023 (included)
Wednesday 22 February to Friday 24 February 2023 (included)
Monday 10 to 14 April 2023 (included)
Thursday 18 May 2023
Thursday 8 June 2023
Monday 3 July to 15 August 2023 (included)