SInce 2019, thanks to close partnerships with various cultural actors in the region, EDHEA was able to offer residencies to its students who had completed a Bachelor or Master course.
Not all residencies are offered every year.

Residency in Bruson, in partnership with the PALP Festival and the Musée de Bagnes

The two-month residency includes a living space and a workshop near the PALP village: a cultural and tourist lab in the mountains that has made a name for itself as an innovation hub.

In 2023, the residency was offered to Louis Levesque, Master's graduate. Dates: October and November 2023

2022: Emilie Suchet (Bachelor)
2021: Claire Frachebourg (Bachelor)
2020: Matilde Soldati (Bachelor)
2019: Julie Trolliet-Gonzalez (Master)

Malévoz Quartier Culturel / Artist Residency, Monthey

Located in the heights of Monthey, the site of Malévoz is a psychiatric hospital in activity which unfolds in a peaceful and richly wooded environment. The artists in residence are invited to exchange with the cultural actors of the place, the patients and the medical staff of Malévoz.

In 2023, the residency was awarded to Jonathan Levy-Forcada, Master's graduate. Dates: February and March 2024

2022: Marcia Domenjoz (Bachelor)
2021: Lucia Masu (Master)
2020: Antoine Dollat (Bachelor)
2019: Laura Ige (Master)

Residency in the Musée d'art du Valais, Sion

The Musée d'art du Valais in Sion offers a workshop on its premises for a graduate of the school.

In 2023, the Musée d'art du Valais chose to welcome Laura Morier-Genoud, Bachelor's graduate. Dates: from September 2023 to July 2024

2022: Doman Shekani
2021: Alexandre Ghandour (Bachelor)
2020: Emilie Gougain (Bachelor)

Residency in Ferme-Asile, Sion

The artistic and cultural center of the Ferme-Asile develops and promotes creation in Valais and in Switzerland. It provides eleven studios for visual artists.

In 2023, the Ferme-Asile offers a residency to Olivier Ferry, Bachelor's graduate. Dates: from October 2023 to September 2024

2022: Alessandro Ferrari

Residency in Australia, in partnership with Fondation Opale, Lens

This residency, offered every two years, gives a unique chance to work with representatives from the world of contemporary Aboriginal art. Il lasts a total of three months and takes place in Australia.

In 2023, Laís Cardoso Da Rosa, Master's graduate 2022, is chosen for the residency.

2021: Caterina Giansiracusa (Master)
2019: Nyakallo Maleke (Master)

Foundation S_EDHEA Prize for the La Becque Artist Residency, La Tour-de-Peilz

This site, which opened in September 2018, is home to several international artists. It offers them the perfect facilities for undertaking both individual and collaborative work. This residency of approximately five weeks is not offered to EDHEA 2020 graduates.

In 2023, the prize was awarded to Amina Jendly, Bachelor's graduate. Dates: November and December 2023

2022: Elias Würsten (Bachelor)
2021: Dianita (Bachelor)
2019: Laura Ige (Master) and Valentin Merle (Bachelor)