The Research Institute of Fine Arts

The institute aims to address the relationship between artists and the public sphere in its natural, social and cultural manifestations.

Far from large urban conglomerations, central Valais has long been suffering from a form of cultural marginalisation. In recent years, however, tourist and migrant fluxes and the boom of communication technologies have broken this isolation. In addition to a diversified and densified social fabric, the area can boast a remarkable natural environment. Artists and researchers have many opportunities to explore this extraordinary diversity and test new art-sharing practices and devices.
The Research Institute of Fine Arts examines the impact of context on artistic production as well as the dialectical and critical relationship between artists and their environment. Through non-conventional and multidisciplinary approaches, it addresses issues pertaining to our natural and socio-cultural environment and develops projects in the public space.
The dialogue with local institutions and researchers allows us to compare perspectives and to develop our artistic research in a multidisciplinary framework. Our Research Institute of Fine Arts also aims to fulfil its natural calling as a crossroads of cultural identities and artistic genres and as an opportunity to cross geographic, mental, social and disciplinary borders.
Our Research Institute of Fine Arts is part of “Réseau de Compétences Design et Arts visuels” of HES-SO (RCDAV) and of the Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN).

Head: Jelena Martinovic

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