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The EDHEA, the Valais School of Art brings together a school of applied arts with a strong emphasis on graphic design (ED), a Bachelor and a Master in Visual Arts (HEA), and a transdisciplinary research institute. Experimental and critical in its approach, the EDHEA educational and research foci include arts in public spheres, text- and edition-based art practices, climate change, sound, among others

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Laura Ige, diplômée Master, termine sa résidence auprès de notre partenaire La Becque | Résidence d’artistes
"I am working on a project Hi, Im $NAME, a web performance about the role of women in the affective, digital and underground economy, from a Tinder bot materialized in several profiles. AI seen as attractive women engaged in chats to attract users. But T-bot produces to resist, to take that place as its own and to invade it with material available in the Internet and with platforms that already exist (Tinder, Youtube, etc.). This research is about the marginal and excluding place of representation for women, their role as naturalized and dangerous objects in society. [...]"
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